Detailing level package

Lambo Car detail


- Door and trunk jambs are cleaned using a PH balanced Degreaser.
- Wheels and wheel wells are cleaned
- Exterior hand wash
- Vacuuming of Upholstery
- Cleaning and protection of interior panels
- High-grade wax that contains Carnauba wax and sealant polymers.
- Interior and exterior windows are cleaned.
- Tires are dressed using a water-based sling free dressing.

Price starting at: Call for pricing

[Package 1 is recommended for newer vehicles that are in great overall condition, It is a great package for routine maintenance] *Should be done bi-annually* 

Porsche car detail


 Everything listed above, plus...
- Upholstery shampooing using 210 degree heated carpet machine.
- Cleaning and protection of engine bay

Price starting at: Call for pricing

[Package 2 is recommended for vehicles that are in good overall condition and need to be gone over to improve vehicles appearance] *Should be done yearly*

Acura auto detail


- Everything listed above, plus..
- Removal of exterior Industrial fallout as well as other embedded contaminants using Nanoskin Auto scrubber Pad  *Newest technology to replace Clay Bar*
- One step polish of exterior

Price starting at: Call for pricing (Paint correction rate of 30-50%)  

[Package 3 is recommended for older vehicles that are showing signs of age. This package will improve vehicles paint smoothness and add shine]

Honda Hood 50/50 Detail


- Everything listed above, plus...
- An additional step of polish.

Price starting at: Call For Pricing (Paint correction rate of 50-80%)      

Package 4 is recommended for vehicles that exhibit lots of swirl/light scratches. This package will greatly improve a vehicles overall loo

Porsche 50/50 detail


 - Everything listed above, plus...
- Third round of exterior polish (get that showroom finish!)
- Spot wet-sanding to remove deeper scratches also known as RDS ( Random Deep Scratches )

Price starting at: Call for pricing (Paint correction rate of 80-100%)    

Package 5 is recommended for vehicles that are taken to car shows, and for anyone that wants their vehicle to look its very best. In most cases your vehicle will look brand new again!

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Car wash detail picture

auto detailing Winter Prep/New Car Prep

- Clean Wheels & wheel wells
- Wash exterior of vehicle including minor bug removal.
-  Apply SI02 hydro sealant to vehicles paint and exterior glass.
- Wipe down door jambs as well as dash and center console
- Vacuum carpets and seat
- Clean interior and exterior glass
-  Apply fabric guard to carpets
- Dress tires with a water based dressing
price starting at: Call for pricing

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