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What makes US DIFFERENT!

My name is Christopher Thomas and I am the owner of Absolute Perfection Detailing. I have been a car enthusiast my entire life.  When I was a young teenager, I traveled around the neighborhood washing vehicles in order to earn money.  It was in these early years that my interest in auto detailing began.  Over time I gained more knowledge on the topic of car detailing and studied ways to become better at it.  Soon, my goals became more focused and I decided to turn my long time hobby into a professional service.  My dreams became reality when I established Absolute Perfection Detailing.  

What makes Absolute Perfection Detailing different from other automotive detailing shops?  Every single vehicle that leaves my business is personally worked on by me. You don't have to worry about cheap labor or inexperienced technicians working on your vehicle. In addition to being highly skilled and trained in the subject of auto detailing, my shop utilizes the latest equipment and techniques to make sure the best possible results are achieved.  In addition to fine craftsmanship, my customer service is unmatched by other car detailing businesses.  

Auto detailing is quickly becoming a lost art.  As more and more “easy way out” technology becomes available, auto detailing is not being performed by skilled professionals but rather by automated car washes that harm your vehicle’s painted finish. There are important differences between Absolute Perfection Detailing and “car wash” services.

In recent years, most car washes have added automotive detailing services to their menu of services.  Having your vehicle go through an automated, drive-through car wash is very bad for your vehicle’s paint. Each and every day hundreds of vehicles go through that same car wash. The condition of these vehicles vary greatly; some are extremely dirty, while others frequently go through a car wash or are garage kept.  The problem with automated car washes is the dirt from those other vehicles are left on the brushes and then that dirt is rubbed into your vehicle’s finish as your car passes through the wash. This is the number #1 leading cause of swirl marks on your paint, which are also referred to as micro-scratches. Car washes love using the word “express” when describing their services. The truth is the word “express” and auto detailing does not go hand in hand.  In fact, when done correctly, auto detailing takes many hours to properly perform, even for smaller vehicles between 5-7 hours are required to complete the job.  A car wash operation simply can’t devote nearly that much time on your car; it is fast cash, volume type of business.  On the detailing side of their service, true technicians do not work for car washes, they work for auto detailers.  Why pay a premium for this service?   There is a strong possibility that it will do your vehicle more harm than good.
Another factor to consider when choosing an auto detailing business is what type of customer the auto detailer is servicing.  Does the company mostly deal with wholesale accounts, doing work mainly for car dealerships or used car lots, or is the detailer a retail detailing shop that deals with the public?  The reason  this matters so much is simple; a shop that services mainly wholesale customers is more focused on the amount of cars completed per day and not worried how each vehicle looks. Wholesale shops tend to put time frames on full details, forcing their employees to complete your car within 3-4 hours, maximum time!  At Absolute Perfection Detailing your vehicle will NEVER be rushed out the door.

Every customer that comes to Absolute Perfection Detailing, regardless of the detailing service chosen, should know that I will treat every vehicle as if it were my own.  Aside from the level of care your vehicle receives, our customer service is unbeatable.  You will be treated like family, as your satisfaction is very important to me.  You also have the peace of mind knowing that Absolute Perfection Detailing is 100% insured and carries all the necessary licenses to operate in the State of New Jersey.

When comparing retail detailing services, do some research about the company and see what past customers have to say about their work.  This can assist you when selecting a company to perform your next auto detailing service.  If a company has dissatisfied customers, chances are that you may also have a bad experience.  At Absolute Perfection Detailing customer satisfaction is our number #1 priority.  I don’t want to service your car once, I want you to be returning, satisfied customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How come your detailing services cost so much more than other nearby shops?
A. Absolute Perfection Detailing spends much more time on your vehicle than other shops.  Absolute Perfection Detailing uses only quality professional grade products that yield much better results.  

Q.2. Why does it cost more money to polish my vehicle?
A. Polishing can be a very labor intensive process. Properly compounding and polishing a vehicle’s finish requires much additional time to be added to the job.    

Q.3. Why doesn't wax remove scratches and swirl marks in my vehicle’s paint?

A. This is the single, largest misconception that the public has regarding auto care. A wax will NOT remove swirls or scratches, compounding and polishing does. Some waxes contain abrasives and are referred to as cleaner waxes.  Properly applied, cleaner waxes may help to brighten a vehicle’s finish. However, the only way to obtain a true shine is to remove the swirls or scratches is with the compounding and polishing process.